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PLM Power Driven BMW M5 Downpipes F90 2018+

PLM Power Driven BMW M5 Downpipes F90 2018+


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PLM Power Driven BMW M5 downpipes eliminates the heavy and restrictive catalytic converters in the primary and secondary exhaust sections.

The larger diameter piping design will improve exhaust flow, keeping boost pressure up and provide improved throttle response. 

Each downpipe has 2 oxygen sensor bung holes, thick flanges, sturdy hangers, high quality flex bellow joint, and increased exhaust flow makes this PLM downpipe the best value on the market & a must have for all BMW enthusiasts. 

Vehicle Application:

  • 2018+ BMW F90 M5
  • S63M Engines

Key Features:

  • 304 Grade Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Mandrel Bent 3"" Piping
  • Retain factory mounting brackets
  • High quality flex bellow joints
  • Includes Primary and Secondary sections
  • CNC machined v-band flanges
  • Includes clamps and hardware
  • One year warranty

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