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PLM Private Label Mfg S2000 Hardtop Security Brackets

PLM Private Label Mfg S2000 Hardtop Security Brackets


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PLM Private Label Mfg S2000 AP1 AP2 hardtop security brackets are the most cost efficient theft deterrent for your car or for the track.

They are made out of 100% laser cut aluminum for weight reduction. The hardtop brackets will replace the OEM strikers plates and latches allowing for secure and solid mounting of your OEM or most aftermarket tops without the cost of the OEM Honda latches and striker plates while using the OEM bolt locations for easy bolt-on installation.

If you're buying an aftermarket hardtop for your S2000, this is the hardware kit you will need!

  • NOTE: Customer installed pictures are showing with Torx security screws. We provide standard allen-key screws as shown in our product photos.
Brushed aluminum finish Allows OEM soft top to be retained Comes with stainless steel mounting hardware Made from 6061 grade aluminum Super easy to install Comes with all necessary nuts, bolts, and washers Works with most aftermarket hardtops
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