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PLM Stainless Steel Adjustable O2 CEL CHECK ENGINE LIGHT Fix Adapter

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Private Label Mfg. PLM Stainless Steel Adjustable O2 CEL (CHECK ENGINE LIGHT) Fix Fouler Adapter.

Unlike regular O2 CEL adapter, this model comes with 3 adjustable jets / fittings for you to adjust the best setting by bypass the tricky ECU Engine Computer.

Installs in the secondary oxygen sensor hole downstream of the catalytic converter.


  • Prevents CEL (Check Engine Light) / MIL (Malfunction Indicator
  • Lamp) from illuminating when removing the stock catalytic converter
  • O2 Sensor Threads into female end
  • Use one of the three (3) included jets / fittings to help fool the O2 Sensor and eliminate Check Engine Lights
  • Oxygen Sensor Simulator Fitting with Adjustable Jets
  • Bolt-on, no cutting or modification of stock wiring like an electronic CEL Fix / MIL Eliminator
  • Adjustable design allows sensor to be mounted in any direction to maximize exhaust clearance
  • Right angle allows more clearance compared to straight CEL fixes
  • CNC cut
  • Insert one of the three included inserts to restrict gas flow
  • FIttings has been proven to be effective in helping to clear stubborn CELs
  • Simple to install
  • Easy bolt-on installation with typical hand tools, no welding or cutting required.
  • For off-road race / track use only
  • NOT to be installed with primary oxygen sensor (sensor before the catalytic converter)
  • Male end threads into existing M18 X 1.5 O2 bungs
  • O2 sensor threads into female end
  • 90 Degree bend design is great for spacer clearance issue