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PLM Power Driven Universal Turndown Dolphin Multi-Cut Tip Muffler

PLM Power Driven Universal Turndown Dolphin Multi-Cut Tip Muffler


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PLM Private Label Mfg. Power Driven universal turndown / dolphin Multi Cut tip mufflers (with 3-inch tip) are manufactured from stainless steel and hand tig. welded. This muffler is available in 2.75"".

The muffler features a turndown / dolphin tip measuring at 5.75"". The turndown / dolphin tip is angled at 45-degrees. Each straight through muffler with perforated tube is of the highest quality and do not restrict any exhaust flow. The compact 5"" diameter round body design is perfect for installation in tight spaces and also offers a weight reduction over larger oval style mufflers. This is a great choice for those looking to replace their existing stock or aftermarket unit, or for those that do not have an exhaust application readily available.

Specifications – 2.75""

Burnt Titanium Look Finish

Diameter = 5""
Circumference = 16”
Overall Length = 21”
Canister Length = 13”
Inlet = 2.75""
Tip = 3"" wide
Dry weight = 4.6 lbs
Material = Stainless steel, hand TIG-welded
Center inlet / center outlet

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